Business Lessons from NFL QBs

By David Gardy Ermann // The default assumption in professional football is that the starting quarterback is more than just the best passer on the field; he is expected to be the team leader.  I previously wrote an article (available here) on three psychological principles that underlie the success of NFL starting quarterbacks: self-efficacy, preparation, and patience.  Starting quarterbacks serve a role on their teams much the same as business leaders do their companies.  To that end, business leaders would significantly benefit by incorporating the practices that are founded upon these three psychological principles.

Understanding Stress

By Jim Davis, Ed.M, MA “I’m overloaded”; “I’m underwater”; “I’m struggling here man” – those are three direct quotes from three different people currently sitting in my email inbox. Real, high-quality leaders, feeling overwhelmed. Leaders are looking for “less stress” in their lives. Makes sense. Stress can be painful, frustrating, and make even small tasks … Continue reading Understanding Stress

MINDFUL MOVEMENT: A scaffold for student mindfulness training

Jim Davis, Ed.M., MA, RSCC*D Attention is a skill. As technology improves and phones tug at the nervous systems of our students, it is a skill we should deliberately cultivate. Research has shown that “off-task” use of technology has become normalized in the classroom. Students are distracted more than ever before. Teaching the skill of … Continue reading MINDFUL MOVEMENT: A scaffold for student mindfulness training