Culture of Respect: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Kate Kalnes, Ed.D. and Jim Davis, Ed.M. Strategy always falls victim to implementation. Implementation depends on people and the culture within which they operate. Healthy company culture can increase productivity, decrease burnout, and improve employee retention. It creates secure relationships so creativity and collaboration may thrive. Challenges to company culture can derail operations. When those … Continue reading Culture of Respect: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

How to Engage “Uncoachable” Employees

rarely do people make it through the door without the potential to succeed – development is what separates good from great. It’s a process. The U.M.A. framework makes sure people don’t get stuck. This is especially important in a constantly evolving business landscape with emphasis shifting to new skills (like improvisation). With such a dynamic landscape, more than ever, leaders will take approaches into their workplaces, rather than strict scripts of evaluation. Check out the UMA framework. In this article, we will focus on Understanding, the first and most critical component.