Understanding Anger: ‘Parts Work’ in Executive Coaching

As Dr. Schwartz puts it, “there are no bad parts, only burdened ones frozen in the past that need to be unburdened rather than punished,” (Schwartz, 64). Often, punishing the parts of you who are responsible for less-than-ideal behaviors will burden them further – a degrading cycle that an alarming amount of people find themselves caught in. Instead, heal them, change them, let them evolve.

Top 3 Misconceptions About DEI Work (and why you should be doing it)

By Maurice McDavid and James Davis / Why isn’t your company doing effective DEI work? There are clearly hurdles. Some people more receptive than others. And to be fair, consultants approach this work in different ways. We take a thoughtful approach. After countless culture and leadership development engagements, here are the top three misconceptions about DEI that we have encountered.

Toss the Trophies

Wait. Don’t toss the trophy… The title is a misnomer. Trophies are awesome. Goals are essential and when they are accomplished, they should be celebrated. In sports, it comes in the form of a trophy or a ring, in business it might be a bonus or promotion. Celebrate the milestones, you’ve earned it. When the celebration is over, take time to frame the experience. That is, tell the story of what just happened. Work to understand the process that led to the outcome. Celebrate the process.

Using a Language-Outcome Framework for Self-Reflection and Empowerment

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” said Steve (not his real name) as he looked down and away from our shared Zoom screen. Steve has developed a habit of using language which negatively influences his outcomes. I suggested the idea that perhaps his situation would get “harder” before it gets “easier,” but … Continue reading Using a Language-Outcome Framework for Self-Reflection and Empowerment