Toss the Trophies

Wait. Don’t toss the trophy… The title is a misnomer. Trophies are awesome. Goals are essential and when they are accomplished, they should be celebrated. In sports, it comes in the form of a trophy or a ring, in business it might be a bonus or promotion. Celebrate the milestones, you’ve earned it. When the celebration is over, take time to frame the experience. That is, tell the story of what just happened. Work to understand the process that led to the outcome. Celebrate the process.

How to Engage “Uncoachable” Employees

rarely do people make it through the door without the potential to succeed – development is what separates good from great. It’s a process. The U.M.A. framework makes sure people don’t get stuck. This is especially important in a constantly evolving business landscape with emphasis shifting to new skills (like improvisation). With such a dynamic landscape, more than ever, leaders will take approaches into their workplaces, rather than strict scripts of evaluation. Check out the UMA framework. In this article, we will focus on Understanding, the first and most critical component.