Business Lessons from NFL QBs

By David Gardy Ermann // The default assumption in professional football is that the starting quarterback is more than just the best passer on the field; he is expected to be the team leader.  I previously wrote an article (available here) on three psychological principles that underlie the success of NFL starting quarterbacks: self-efficacy, preparation, and patience.  Starting quarterbacks serve a role on their teams much the same as business leaders do their companies.  To that end, business leaders would significantly benefit by incorporating the practices that are founded upon these three psychological principles.

Culture of Respect: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Kate Kalnes, Ed.D. and Jim Davis, Ed.M. Strategy always falls victim to implementation. Implementation depends on people and the culture within which they operate. Healthy company culture can increase productivity, decrease burnout, and improve employee retention. It creates secure relationships so creativity and collaboration may thrive. Challenges to company culture can derail operations. When those … Continue reading Culture of Respect: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Focus and the Power of the Second Question: Long term business growth and career success

Have you heard of Sven Erlandson? He's an executive coach, counselor, and all-around fantastic guy. He's also a former college football player who is tattooed, muscled up, and curses like a sailor. He has dropped out of college (he went back), been kicked out of divinity school, rubbed countless people the wrong way (his sentiment)... … Continue reading Focus and the Power of the Second Question: Long term business growth and career success

Top 3 Misconceptions About DEI Work (and why you should be doing it)

By Maurice McDavid and James Davis / Why isn’t your company doing effective DEI work? There are clearly hurdles. Some people more receptive than others. And to be fair, consultants approach this work in different ways. We take a thoughtful approach. After countless culture and leadership development engagements, here are the top three misconceptions about DEI that we have encountered.

The Value of a Coach

by Maurice McDavid; Tom Brady has won 7 Super Bowls, gone to 15 Pro Bowls, and been the league's MVP 3 times. He has a coach. In fact, he has about six of them. We could all benefit from coaching. For the professional athlete, it might be a skills coach, or a sports psychologist. For the executive, manager or department head it comes in the form of an executive coach. These are the people that drive performance in others.

Toss the Trophies

Wait. Don’t toss the trophy… The title is a misnomer. Trophies are awesome. Goals are essential and when they are accomplished, they should be celebrated. In sports, it comes in the form of a trophy or a ring, in business it might be a bonus or promotion. Celebrate the milestones, you’ve earned it. When the celebration is over, take time to frame the experience. That is, tell the story of what just happened. Work to understand the process that led to the outcome. Celebrate the process.